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Turnkey Packaging Solutions for Busy Manufacturers

We don’t just sell products— we become your supply-chain partner.

Many vendors provide packaging, but IPS delivers that plus our deep commitment to the service process. We don’t just sell products—we become your supply-chain partner.

A typical retail package contains many different parts—as many as five or six components from various manufacturers. It can be a complicated puzzle, but IPS will help you pull together all the necessary elements from one source to get your products to market efficiently, effectively and successfully.

IPS has developed a network of the nation’s leading manufacturers in each production segment. This infrastructure gives our customers a superior range of products and services built into a single source for pricing, planning, ordering and distribution. The net result is a highly streamlined supply chain, which maximizes personnel efficiency, controls cost and reduces downtime.

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Simplify the Process by Thinking Outside the Box

A packaging project breaks down into a number of really critical parts, and IPS will guide you through this process.


This is the foundation for any new packaging project. What is to be packaged? Where will it be sold? How critical is security? Do customers need to access the product in store? What type of assembly equipment is in your plant? What kind of quantities? Does it hang, stack or sit on a shelf? Are there heat or humidity concerns? IPS’s service teamhelps you determine the best possible package at the outset.


Our team of seasoned packaging engineers ensures that your package works appropriately balancing form, function, security, marketing and cost.


Shelf visibility and appeal are paramount. IPS’s talented graphic design team ensures that printed components achieve the maximum marketing impact, by watching consumer trends and new marketing technologies.


Will you need a hundred packages or a million? Many of the big vendors won’t even discuss smaller quantities. At IPS, we are always happy to work with new product development, understanding that this might mean smaller orders and require a little creativity to manage minimum quantities and reduce waste.


Tooling is costly, particularly for new products with unknown volumes. We strive to reduce the impact and risk inherent in tooling through thoughtful planning. We offer innovative stock tooling and combination run programs which eliminate tooling costs and high minimum orders in short-run situations.


Within the IPS Network, we often have production facilities located in your geographical area. This mitigates the time and expense involved with transport, which means more to your bottom line.


IPS offers the personalized service often lacking in large manufacturers. Our team stays in contact with you through every stage of the production process.


Cost is of obvious importance. Our creative solutions help ensure we create the best results for the least expense.
One of the advantages of the IPS Network is that we typically have multiple plants for a product line, which allows us to deliver the best possible price for each component.

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Anatomy of a Packaging Project

A single product package can often contain many different parts. The DeWalt package featured below actually contains five different components: clamshell, printed insert card, folded instruction manual, security device and a barcode label.

Traditionally, these elements were ordered from five different vendors, so buyers spent valuable time and resources chasing vendors and organizing deliveries. IPS helped DeWalt pull these components all into a single, seamless relationship.

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