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Sony Corporation: A case study of “One Source, Endless Solutions”

Industrial Printing Solutions began working with the Sony Corporation in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico in 2000. What began as a simple instruction manual project has evolved into a full-blown partnership spanning an impressive array of products.



Not only do we provide all these essential materials, but we also work closely with Sony personnel in each of their two Nuevo Laredo manufacturing plants to coordinate planning, purchasing and delivery as well as inventory and quality control.

Additionally, though out outstanding network of manufacturers and an ongoing commitment to finding a better way, we have helped Sony achieve cost savings in many of these areas. We even provide them warehousing in Nuevo Laredo to insure reliable product supply with less storage requirements.

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Versacarry: A Case Study of “Solving the Packaging Puzzle”

We recently helped Versacarry with a total upgrade of their product packaging. Versacarry was founded in 2010, and creates a truly unique and revolutionary holster for the carrying of concealed pistols. Check out their products at



When we first worked with Versacarry, they were using a stock fishing lure clamshell and a printed insert cards. The company had reached the point where they needed to take their package to the next level. There were a number of challenges we need to overcome to help them do this.


At the outset, it was assumed we would just quote their existing package and, if we were a little cheaper, we could win the business away. The existing package was fairly expensive at .39 cents, but also the process, design and style were not appropriate if they hoped to take their product to the next level.


The first recommendation was to make the switch to a face‐sealed blister package, which save 19% per unit. They had to invest in a small sealing machine, but the savings will pay for the change in less than a year. With that comes greater package assembly speeds and product security.


The initial card had outdated graphics, poor use of full color printing, and a “hunter orange” that was translating into a muddy brown in CMYK printing, and not achieving the look they were looking for.


Our artists overhauled the graphics, bringing a clean and modern look, incorporating photographs to better display the product and maximize the use of full color. We switched the orange to a PMS 5th color to get exactly the look Versacarry wanted. QR codes were incorporated to drive traffic to their website and allow for more complete product demos using video. We also switched the back of the card, which was previously black, to full color (while still reducing cost!)


The biggest problem with the previous clamshell was that it was a generic size that fit the products, but everything flopped around and the holster was not displayed properly. There were also two small plastic inserts and a trigger guard that needed to be incorporated. Also, there were a number of different product lengths, which necessitated two sizes of clamshell. Finally, there were the security problems and big box acceptability associated with the unsealed clamshell.



First, we transferred the platform from a clamshell to a face‐seal blister. This reduced cost and improved security. Then we redesigned the blister so it would properly hold all product lengths and keep the product securely facing forward for better display. We also figured out a solution for securing the trigger guard in its own part of the cavity with the inserts behind the holster where they are secure and invisible.



The original package had limited instructions on the back. This took up valuable marketing space and also didn’t fully explain the use of the product.



We transitioned to a standalone instruction manual, which freed up the back for selling Versacarry, not explaining how to use it. With more space available, we were able to design a piece that completely explains all facets of product use. We again incorporated QR codes so that customer could easily access demo videos using their smart phones. Finally, we designed it in such a way that it tucks neatly and invisibly behind the trigger guard so that the buyer is not aware of it until they open the package.


Between all the different calibers and barrel lengths, Versacarry has a total of 24 models. They were using two sizes of clamshells, to accommodate them, but it really fit none of the correctly.


As mentioned earlier, we redesigned the blister to accommodate all the 24 models, while still presenting the product facing forward and isolating the loose trigger guard and inserts. Then, to be sure we could use just one card and still include UPC codes and model info, we designed a barcode label which wrapped around the edge of the package so that the model information was clearly marked on both sides with one simple application.


The original package used a snap-closure clamshell. This meant that the product could easily be accessed in the store and, given its small size, was vulnerable to theft. Unsealed clamshells are also frowned upon by many of the big box stores Versacarry hopes to get their product into.


With the transition to a face-sealed blisters, the Versacarry product became much more secure and also in line with the packaging requirements for the major retailers.

IPS congratulates Versacarry on a truly innovative product! We appreciate the opportunity to play a small part in their success!

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