Skin Packaging – printed skin board and skin pack films
Skin Packaging

Skin Packaging

Skin packaging provides an economical package for items that might have a lower price point. A Mylar “skin” is sucked over your product while securing itself to a skin card. This transparent film allows full view of your product while acting as a tamper resistant coating to secure your product. They are also very strong, making them suitable for heavy items, and also ideal for a card with multiple units or especially large profile items.

Industrial Printing Solutions can provide skin packaging board in a variety of calipers. Our state-of-the art printing presses insure the best in print quality – and our processes and board insure high strength, low curl and excellent film adhesion.

IPS also offers a complete line of skin pack films.

Industrial Printing Solutions has developed a world-class network of skin packaging manufacturers, all thoroughly vetted to insure the finest equipment, processes and personnel. The magic of the IPS Model is that this network allows us to choose precisely the right combination of technology, price-point and proximity to your plant to insure the best fit for our customers. Contact us today and allow us to provide you with no-obligation pricing and samples.